Phoenix Counselling Cooperative Limited
Counselling and support in Oxfordshire

What is Phoenix Counselling Cooperative?

Phoenix Counselling Cooperative is a group of five experienced and trained counsellors within Oxfordshire who specialise in working with young people and adults in educational settings and who are being supported by family services and/or other agencies. Our training and experience cover a range of approaches such as psychodynamic counselling, person-centred counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. We aim to tailor the counselling we offer to the specific needs of each client.

Our ethos

We want to provide high quality counselling which is free at the point of delivery to young people under the age of twenty, as well as counselling and restorative supervision to staff working in educational settings. We believe that counselling should be easily accessible to young people and adults wherever possible, including to those who cannot afford private therapy.

What are the advantages of choosing Phoenix Counselling Cooperative?

As there are five counsellors working closely together and drawing on our individual expertise, we can offer our clients the best service possible to meet their individual needs. We all have extensive experience of working with young people under the age of eighteen and professionals working in education over the last ten years having all worked in Oxfordshire County Council’s Face2Face Youth Counselling Service and in schools.

We can, therefore, work with clients with a wide range of problems such as bullying, family breakdown, low school attendance, anxiety, depression, and work stress among others. Common outcomes are increased school attendance, reduced self-harm, less sick days taken from work and increased self-confidence.

By choosing Phoenix Counselling Cooperative, you get more highly experienced and professional therapists, more choices of venue and your staff or patients are more likely to be seen quickly.

We are members of Cooperatives UK. 

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