Phoenix Counselling Cooperative Limited
Counselling and support in Oxfordshire
Services for Primary Care
All counsellors have extensive experience of working with young people in Oxfordshire over the last ten years, gained by working for Oxfordshire County Council's Face2Face Youth Counselling Service. This included taking many referrals directly from GP practices and also from PCAMHS, often working with clients with very challenging emotional and social problems. We are committed to continuing to provide a 'free at the point of delivery' service for young people in Oxfordshire, and can offer various services to Primary Care, such as:
  • providing sessions for young people referred from and funded by their GP practice
  • providing a commissioned service to meet service requirements from commissioners, to enhance the counselling and CBT services available through the IAPT programme.

We would be glad to discuss the requirements, opportunities, and possible service models for providing services to young people in partnership with Oxfordshire GP practices and Clinical Commissioning.

We are also happy to take private referrals from GP practices.

Please contact us on or call us on 07866 581113.